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∅hr helps developers improve skills and advance careers.


If you're a learner, our tests shall keep you up-to-date with industrial best practices, providing practical experience that aligns with industry needs. You will also gain exposure to a wide range of technologies and challenges.


If you're a professional, you should be able to pass the test rather quickly (we aim for under 2 hours). As the result, you'll either get an interview offer or be first to be contacted for a job opportunity in that stack you're experienced in. We only advertise requested stacks, ensuring job opportunities aligned with your skills and interests.

Ease of Use

At ∅hr, we want to make it easy for developers to showcase their skills. Our platform is designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind, allowing you to solve tasks in the comfort of your own home without any interruptions or intrusions. We've built in performance indicators to provide you with a fair and accurate evaluation of your skills. During interviews, our customers use these indicators to make fair hiring decisions. With ∅hr, you can focus on what you do best without any added stress.


∅hr uses specific and concrete performance metrics to evaluate your skills against real-world problems, such as measuring I/O throughput in big data processing tasks and clickthrough rates in ad campaign optimisation tasks. The submissions are run in docker and the results are statistically compared against the reference solution ran at the same time. If the deviation is outside of the acceptable range, we run submissions again until we have the confidence in the scoring.

Testing process

First you receive a task specification and instructions for submitting your solution. Once you submit, your solution is queued for running and ranked within a few hours. You'll receive a score sheet as a candidate, with a chance for a second attempt if needed, and companies receive an evaluation sheet. If you don't receive a good score on your first attempt, you'll be informed and given a second chance, with access to some simple data samples from the tests.

Catch up with one of the developers that participated in our tests

I was open to taking the ∅hr test as the technical interview for Yatima Inc. The only things I was concerned about were the clarity of the task and the time required to complete it.

While solving the task I found the presentation of the task to be exceptionally clear. Time required also proven to be a non-issue, owing to the fact that most of the surrounding code was provided by ∅hr, so I could concentrate on the essence of the problem. The ∅hr test task was really well-presented and, in contrast to whiteboard interviews, used a deterministic scoring method with clear criteria. Additionally, I appreciated receiving the TeX source of the task description alongside the PDF, enabling me to conveniently copy segments of it into my comments and code.

I utilized both attempts to submit a solution and was reassured that it's okay to submit an initial solution that might not pass all tests flawlessly. In fact, in my initial submission, I have overlooked a nuanced detail in the specification. Thus, both the feedback after the first attempt and the availability of a second try proved invaluable in refining my tests and ensuring my final submission was perfect.

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Solving the task was a really good experience, the submission skeleton was convenient. I didn't have to fill in a lot of boilerplate and could focus on the really important logical pieces.

Rishikesh Vaishnav, Software Engineer at Yatima Inc., PhD candidate at ENS Paris-Saclay

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